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University of Pittsburgh Greensburg    
2023-2024 Greensburg Campus Catalog 
  Jun 13, 2024
2023-2024 Greensburg Campus Catalog

Administrative Officers, Schools, and Campuses

University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg
150 Finoli Drive
Greensburg, PA 15601

Administrative Officers, University of Pittsburgh

Douglas M. Browning, Chairperson of the Board of Trustees

Louis R. Cestello, Vice Chairperson of the Board of Trustees

Joan T.A. Gabel, Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer

Anantha Shekhar, Senior Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences and
                               John and Gertrude Petersen Dean of the School of Medicine

Geovette E. Washington, Senior Vice Chancellor and Chief Legal Officer

Narahari Sastry, Senior Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer

David N. DeJong, Senior Vice Chancellor for Business and Operations

Rob A. Rutenbar, Senior Vice Chancellor for Research

Jeffer Choudhry, Chief Investment Officer

Rosalyn E. Jones, Vice Chancellor and Secretary of the Board of Trustees

Paul Lawrence, Treasurer

University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg


Robert G. Gregerson, PhD, President

Jacqueline M. Horrall, PhD, Vice President for Academic Affairs

Frank Wilson, PhD, Asst. Vice President for Academic Affairs

Joseph Bleehash, MPPM, AIA, LEED AP, Director of Facilities & Operations

Angela M. Coldren, MBA, MHA, Director of Human Resources; Title IX Liaison

Ronna S. Colland, BS, CPA, Director of Finance and Risk Management

Scott L. Coulson, MS, Director of Computing Services and Telecommunications

R. Leigh Hoffman, EdD, Dean of Student Life and Success

Susan M. Isola, MFA, Director of Media Relations

Jodi B. Kraisinger, BS, Director of University Relations and Institutional Advancement

Elizabeth E. Tiedemann, MA, MEd, Director of Academic Advising and Registrar 

Jeromy Yetter, MEd, Director of Athletics

Academic Affairs

Geoffrey L. Wood, PhD, Chair, Division of Behavioral Sciences

Bejamin Espinoza, PhD, Chair, Division of Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Engineering

John Prellwitz, PhD, Chair, Division of Humanities

Academic Advising

Kearsten Adams, MT, Academic Advisor

Jessica Barch, MA, Academic Advisor

Karen M. Ricco, MEd, Academic Advisor

Richard A. Romano, MA, Academic Advisor

Michele L. Shuey, MA, Academic Advisor for Seniors/Coordinator of International Studies

Elizabeth E. Tiedemann, MA, MEd, Director of Academic Advising and Registrar 

Carin Winters, MEd, Academic Advisor

Financial Aid

Brian Beighley, BS, Director of Financial Aid

Bernard Sarneso, MA, Assistant Director of Financial Aid

Registrar’s Office

Holly Chenoweth, BS, Enrollment Services Assistant

Lisa Reffner, BS, Data and Registrar Specialist/School Certifying Official

Elizabeth E. Tiedemann, MA, MEd, Director of Academic Advising and Registrar 

Student Life and Success

Sheila Confer, EdD, Director of Academic Villages

Pam Freger, BSN, Director of Student Health Center

Haley Hayden, Assistant Director of Student Involvement & the First-Year Experience

R. Leigh Hoffman, EdD, Dean of Student Life and Success

Gayle F. Pamerleau, LCSW, Director of Counseling

Brian Root, MA, Assistant Director of Housing and Residence Life

Troy Ross, MS, Director of Housing, Residence Life, and Student Conduct

Kristen Stratton, MS, Internship Coordinator

Al Thiel, MA, Director of Student Center and Student Involvement

Roland Woods, MBA, Assitant Dean of Students and Director of Diversity, Equit, and Inclusion

Marcy Yonkey, MFA, Assistant Director of Career Services

Dorothy M. Zilic, MS, Director of Career Services


University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg Faculty

Full-Time Faculty

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z

Paul S. Adams, Associate Professor, Political Science; BA, George Mason University; MA, Florida State University; PhD, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Christina Allaback, Assistant Professor, Theatre; BA, Lawrence University; MA, Illinios State University; PhD, University of Oregon

Estrella Z. Ang; Associate Professor Emeritus, Biology; BS, University of the Philippines; MS, University of the Philippines; PhD, University of Pittsburgh

Kristen N. Asplin, Assistant Professor, Psychology; BA, Gustavus Adolphus College; MS, University of Massachusetts at Amherst; PhD, University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Barbara J. Barnhart, Instructor, Biology; BS, MS, University of Pittsburgh

Christopher Bartley, Instructor, Music; BA, Wesleyan University; MA, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; MA, University of Arizona

Vickilyn Barnot; Assistant Professor Emeritus, Health and Physical Education; BS, Indiana University of Pennsylvania; MS, Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania, PhD, University of Pittsburgh

Lillian L. Beeson, Professor Emeritus, Communication; BSEd, Duquesne University; MA, University of Pittsburgh; PhD, University of Pittsburgh

Neelima Bhatnagar, Assistant Professor, Information Science; BS, University of Toldedo; MS, Duquesne University

Richard L. Blevins, Associate Professor Emeritus, English; BGS, Kent State University; MA, University of Oregon; PhD, University of Pittsburgh

Anthony T. Boldurian, Professor Emeritus, Anthropology; BA, Rutgers University; MA, Eastern New Mexico University; PhD, University of Pittsburgh

Jordan Boothe, Assistant Professor, Biochemistry; BS, University of California; MA, PhD, University of Michigan

Paul Bouthellier, Associate Professor, Information Science; PhD, Washington College

Katrina W. Brown, Associate Professor, Physics; BS, Purdue University; PhD, Vanderbilt University

L. Todd Brown, Associate Professor; Physics; BS, Purdue University; PhD, Vanderbilt University

Amber Bugajski, Visiting Instructor, Nursing; BSN, University of Pittsburgh; MSN, Robert Morris University

Koreen Byrns, Visiting Instructor, Biology; BA, Thiel College; DC, National College of Chiropractic - Chiropractic Physician

William Campbell, Visiting Assistant Professor, History, BA, University of Pittsburgh; PhD, University of St. Andrews

Frank A. Cassell, President Emeritus, Professor Emeritus, History; BA, Wabash College; MA, PhD, Northwestern University

Victoria Causer, Assistant Professor, Statistics; BS, MS, EdD, University of Pittsburgh

George F. Chambers, President Emeritus, Professor Emeritus, Economics; BA, MBA, PhD, State University of New York at Buffalo

Adam Cilli, Assistant Professor, History; BA, Thiel College; MA, Edinboro University; PhD, University of Maine

Elizabeth V. Contreras, Instructor, Spanish; BA, University of Chile; MA, Kent State University

Alicia V. Covarrubias, Associate Professor Emeritus, Spanish; Profesora de Castellano y Literatura, Instituto de Profesorado Sagrado Corazon; MA, State University New York at Stony Brook; PhD, State University New York at Stony Brook

Anne Marie Czerwinski, Associate Professor, Communication; BA, University of Wisconsin at Madison; MA, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee; PhD, University of Missouri at Columbia

Sean DiLeonardi, Assistant Professor, English; BA, Illinois State University, MA, University of Colorado, PhD, University of North Carolina

Erin Divito, Assistant Professor, Chemistry; BS, Shippensburg University; PhD, Duquesne University

Benjamin Espinoza, Chair, Natural Science Division; Professor, Mathematics; BA, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico; MS, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico; PhD, West Virginia University

Jeffrey J. Everly, Associate Professor, Psychology; BA, MS, PhD, West Virginia University

Glenson France, Instructor, Economics; BS, MS, University of the West Indies; MA, Ohio State University

Trisha Fronczek, Instructor, Nursing; BS, Pennsylvania State University; MS, Towson State University

Jessica L. Ghilani, Associate Professor, Communication; BA, MA, PhD, University of Pittsburgh

Donald E. Gibson, Professor, Sociology Emeritus; BA, West Chester University of Pennsylvania; MA, University of Delaware; PhD, University of Delaware

Laura Giovannelli, Instructor, Chemistry; BS, University of Pittsburgh; MED, Carlow University

Sayre N. Greenfield, Professor, English; BA, Cornell University; MA, University of Pennsylvania; PhD, University of Pennsylvania

Gary D. Hart, Instructor, Mathematics; BS, Widener University; MS, University of Delaware; PhD, University of Pittsburgh

Kayla Heffernan, Assistant Professor, Math; BS, California University; PhD, Temple University

Pilar M. Herr, Associate Professor, History; BA, University of California at Santa Barbara; MA, Indiana University (Bloomington, Ind.); PhD, Indiana University (Bloomington, Ind.)

Daniel Hitt, Visiting Instructor, English; BA, University of Pittsburgh; MA, Duquesne University

Timothy Holler, Associate Professor, Criminal Justice; BA, MA, PHD, Indiana University

Kerry W. Holzworth, Associate Professor Emeritus, Biology; BS, University of Pittsburgh; PhD, University of Pittsburgh.

Jacqueline M. Horrall, Vice President for Academic Affairs; Associate Professor, Economics; BS, University of the West Indies; MS, University of the West Indies; PhD, University of Florida.

Jocelyn Hunt, Visiting Instructor, Education; BS, Robert Morris University; MS, University of Pittsburgh; EdD, Point Park University

Jennifer Ingram, Instructor, Biology; BS, University of Pittsburgh; MS, Chatham University

Lori L. Jakiela, Professor, English; BA, Gannon University; MFA, University of Pittsburgh.

J. Wesley Jamison, Associate Professor Emeritus, Information Science; BA, Allegheny College; MS, Pennsylvania State University; MSIS, University of Pittsburgh; PhD, Pennsylvania State University

Ryan Jennings, Assistant Professor, Biology; BS, Presbyterian College; PhD, Montana State University

Matthew L. Johnson, Assistant Professor, Biology; BS, State University of New York at Fredonia; PhD, Case Western Reserve University

Stanley M. Katzman, Associate Professor Emeritus, Chemistry; BS, MS, PhD, University of Missouri

Martha J. Koehler, Professor, English; BA, University of Rochester; MA/PhD, University of Washington

Edward P. Krisner, Associate Professor, Mathematics; BA, Indiana University of Pennsylvania; MA, Youngstown State University; PhD, University of Pittsburgh

Ruth L. Kuschmierz, Professor Emeritus, German and English; BA, MA, PhD, University of Pittsburgh

Colette G. Levin, Associate Professor Emeritus, French; BA, MA, PhD, University of Pittsburgh

William E. Lindberg, Associate Professor Emeritus, Music; BFA, Carnegie Mellon University; MFA, Carnegie Mellon University; PhD, University of Pittsburgh

Beverly A. Livingston, Associate Professor, Political Science; BA Methodist College; MA, University of Nebraska at Lincoln; PhD, University of Nebraska at Lincoln

Estela S. Llinas, Associate Professor Emeritus, Engineering and Mathematics; BA, University of California at Berkeley; MS, University of California at Berkeley; PhD, University of California at Berkeley

Olivia Long, Associate Professor, Biology; BA, Carlow University; PhD, University of Pittsburgh

Michelle Louch, Assistant Professor, Healthcare Management; BA, Seton Hill University; MS, Duquesne University; DSc, Robert Morris University

Shu-Jiang Lu, Associate Professor, English; BA, Anqing Teachers’ University; BA, Anhui University; MA, Shandong University; MA, University of Western Ontario; PhD, University of Western Ontario

Michael J. Lucci, Instructor, Mathematics; BA, Saint Vincent College; MA/PhD, University of Pittsburgh

Matthew R. Luderer, Associate Professor, Chemistry; BS, Indiana University of Pennsylvania; MS, Indiana University of Pennsylvania; PhD, University of Connecticut

Gary L. Lutz, Assistant Professor Emeritus, English; BA, Kutztown University; MA, Ohio University

Kelli E. Maloy, Associate Professor, English; BA, Saint Vincent College; MA, West Virginia University; PhD, West Virginia University

Audrey N. Mamros, Visiting Lab Instructor, Chemistry; BS, University of Pittsburgh

Melissa J. Marks, Professor, Education; BS, Ohio State University; MEd, University of Cincinnati; EdD, University of Cincinnati.

Lipika Mazumdar, Assistant Professor, Anthropology; BA, University of Wyoming; MA, University of Wyoming; PhD, University of Pittsburgh

Amber A. McAlister, Assistant Professor, History of Art and Architecture; BA, Emory University; MA, University of Georgia; PhD, University of Georgia

Bryan McCarthy, Visiting Assistant Professor, Philosophy; BA, University of Pittsburgh; PhD University of Oxford

Jessica McCormick, Assistant Professor, Education; BA, University of Pittsburgh; MEd, Frostburg State University; EdD, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Danielle Mehlman-Brightwell, Assistant Professor, Public Policy; BA, Wheeling Jesuit University; MEd, Muskingum University; MA, Bowling Green State University; PhD, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Daniel B. Milberg, Associate Professor Emeritus, Psychology; BA, Washington University; PhD, University of Pittsburgh

Gina Munir, Visiting Instructor, Biological Science; BS, California University; MS, Indiana University

Dean E. Nelson, Associate Professor Emeritus, Statistics; BS, Metropolitan State College; MS, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center; PhD, Lehigh University

David Newman, Assistant Professor, English; BA, MA, MS, University of Pittsburgh

Mary Grace O’Donnell, Associate Professor Emeritus, Mathematics; BA, Seton Hill College; MS, University of Pittsburgh; PhD, University of Pittsburgh

Silvina Orsatti, Visiting Instructor, Spanish; BA, Boise State University; EdD, University of Pittsburgh

Ronald Ott, Visiting Instructor, Healthcare Management; BS, MA, University of Pittsburgh

William C. Pamerleau, Professor, Philosophy; BS, Michigan State University; MA, Michigan State University; PhD, Purdue University

Russell Phillips III, Associate Professor, Psychology; BA, Baldwin-Wallace College; MA, PhD, Bowling Green State University

John H. Prellwitz, Chair, Humanities Division, Associate Professor, Communication; BA, University of Pittsburgh; MA, Indiana University of Pennsylvania; PhD, Duquesne University

Michael Pry, Instructor, Information Science; BA, Edinboro University; MS, University of Maryland

Margaret A. Rechter, Associate Professor Emeritus, Management; BS, University of Pittsburgh; MPA, University of Pittsburgh; PhD, University of Pittsburgh

Ametrine Rei-Skoff, Instructor, Education; BA, MEd, Indiana University

Christina Ricco, Visiting Instructor, Biology; BS, University of Pittsburgh

Heather Rockwell, Visiting Instructor, Management; BA, Tulane University; MBA, Regent University

Ewa A. Rudnicka, Assistant Professor, Management; MS, Wroclaw University of Technology; PhD, University of Pittsburgh

William A. Rued, Associate Professor Emeritus, Philosophy; BA, Sonoma State University; MA, California State University at Los Angeles; PhD, Princeton University

Norman W. Scanlon, Associate Professor Emeritus, Political Science; BA, Saint Vincent College; MA, University of Pittsburgh; PhD, University of Pittsburgh

Stephen A. Schrum, Associate Professor Emeritus, Theatre Arts; BA, Temple University; MA, the Ohio State University; PhD, University of California, Berkeley

Alexandra Seabol, Instructor, Nursing; BSN, Gannon University; MSN, Drexel University

Lou Ann Sears, Director of Learning Resources Center, Assistant Professor, English; BS, Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania; MA, Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania; PhD, University of Pittsburgh

Larry E. Senor, Associate Professor Emeritus, Chemistry; BS, Washington and Jefferson College; PhD, University of Pittsburgh

Amy Shearer, Assistant Professor, Nursing; BS, University of Pittsburgh; MSN, Carlow College; PhD, Indiana University

Sarah Swerdlow Weiland, Assistant Professor, Biology; BS, Clarion University; PhD, Case Western Reserve University

Katie Swope, Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice; BA, Slippery Rock University; MA, PhD, Indiana University

Natalie Taylor, Assistant Professor, English; BA, Austin College; MFA, University of Alaska Fairbanks, PhD, New Mexico State University

Stacey E. Triplette, Associate Professor, French & Spanish; BA, Wake Forest University; PhD, University of California at Berkeley

Beth R. Uhrinek, Visiting Instructor, Mathematics; BS, University of Pittsburgh

Manhar D. Vyas, Professor Emeritus, Economics; BCom, University of East Africa; MA, PhD, University of Pittsburgh

Jonathan P. Vallano, Associate Professor, Psychology; BS, MA, Ball State University; PhD, Florida International University

Judith A. Vollmer, Professor Emeritus, English; BA, University of Pittsburgh; MFA, University of Pittsburgh

William Weller, Visiting Instructor, Chemistry; BS, University of Pittsburgh

Larry J. Whatule, Associate Professor Emeritus, English and Communication; BA, Saint Vincent College; MA, University of Cincinnati; PhD, University of Pittsburgh

Franklin D. Wilson, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs; Assistant Professor, Sociology/criminal Justice; BA, University of California at San Diego; MA, San Diego State University; PhD, University of Pittsburgh

Thomas E. Wolf, Associate Professor Emeritus, Mathematics and Computer Science; BA, Saint Vincent College; MA, MEd, Duquesne University; MS, University of Pittsburgh; PhD, University of Pittsburgh

Donghyup Woo, Assistant Professor, Management; BS, University of Delaware; MS, University of Illinois; MA, PhD, University of New York at Buffalo

Geoffrey L. Wood, Chair, Behavioral Science, Associate Professor, Sociology; BA, Fresno State University; MA, Sacramento State; PhD, University at Albany

Judith E. Zimmerman, Professor Emeritus, History; BA, Swarthmore College; MA, Columbia University; PhD, Columbia University

Part-Time Faculty

Denise Addis, MSN Healthcare Management

Naser Albalwi, MS, Statistics

Doreen Blandino, PhD, French

Elizabeth Boyle, BA, Management

Jessica Buczkowski-Henderson, MSN, Nursing

Melinda Burdette, MA, Management

Melissa Busbey, MSN, Nursing

Courtney Coda, MSN, Nursing

Sheila Confer, MA, Theater Arts

Adam Craig, BS, Engineering

Gabrielle Diamond, BSN, Nursing

Courtney Fuhrman, MSN, Nursing

Donald Gibson, PhD, Social Science

Angelique Harperez, MSN, Nursing

Paulette Harvey, BS, MS, Communication

Elizabeth Jones, MSW, English Literature

Elaine Kelly, MA, English

McKenna Kern, BA, Nursing

Matthew Klumpp, MS, Music

Beverly Knopf, PhD, Math

Mary Anne Koleny, EdD, Management

Kassia Krol, MSN, Nursing

Lynn Kuhn, MA, English

Renee Lamphere, PhD, Criminal Justice

Kerry Manning, PhD, Political Science

Susan Mckeever, MA, Education

Helga Mears, MA, German

Pankaj Mehrotra, PhD, Management

Henry Moore, JD, Social Science

Deborah Mucha, MA, Psychology

Kenneth Nicholson, MA, History of Art and Architecture

Christie Orlosky, MS, Natural Science

Cynthia Ortiz-Bartley, MA, Music

Sarah Ragan, BSN, Nursing

Matthew Rubin, MS, Healthcare Management

Alexandria Sara, MSN, Nursing

Walter Sedlock, MBA, CPA, Management

David Seward, PhD, Classics

Dayna Skiroa, EdD, Education

Joseph Spedaliere, PhD, English

Andrew Stuchal, BA Management

Isabel Valenzuela, MA Spanish

Mackenzie Wargo, MSN, Nursing

Kathleen Willard, MS, Physics

Kenneth Williams, EdD, Education

University of Pittsburgh Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for advancing the purposes of the University; promoting and protecting its independence, academic freedom, and integrity; and enhancing and preserving its assets for the benefit of future students and society at large. In addition, because the University of Pittsburgh is a state-related institution, the trustees ensure that Pitt meets its obligations both to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and to society generally.

General administrative, academic, and management authority is delegated to the chancellor. However, the board retains ultimate responsibility for all University affairs.

There are three or more regular meetings of the Board of Trustees each year, including an annual meeting. Special meetings also may be called. Much of the board’s work is carried out by committees; many of these committees include faculty, staff, and students as non-voting representatives.

Douglas M. Browning, Chairperson

MEMBERSHIP - 2023-2024

  • Madji B. Abulaban
  • Robert O. Agbede
  • John A. Barbour
  • SaLisa L. Berrien
  • Thomas G. Bigley*
  • Eva Tansky Blum
  • Sundaa A. Bridgett-Jones
  • Suzanne W. Broadhurst*
  • Douglas M. Browning
  • Gary T. Brownlee
  • Michael A. Bryson*
  • Hui Debra Cen
  • Louis R. Cestello
  • David C. Chavern
  • Vaughn S. Clagette
  • John G. Conomikes*
  • Jay Costa Jr.
  • James P. Covert
  • George A. Davidson Jr.*
  • Catherine D. DeAngelis*
  • D. Michael Fisher*
  • Rich Fitzgerald**
  • David C. Frederick
  • Joan T. A. Gabel
  • Edward C. Gainey**
  • Deborah J. Gillotti
  • John P. Gismondi
  • E. Jeanne Gleason*
  • J. Roger Glunt*
  • Lisa A. Golden
  • Edward J. Grefenstette
  • Tamara M. Haddad
  • Robert M. Hernandez*
  • Dawne S. Hickton
  • Diane P. Holder
  • Earl F. Hord*
  • Patricia D. Horoho
  • S. Jeffery Kondis
  • Paul E. Lego*
  • William K. Lieberman
  • Robert G. Lovett*
  • Roberta A. Luxbacher
  • John A. Maher III 
  • Jeffrey D. Martchek
  • Erin W. McDowell
  • Larry J. Merlo
  • Natalie Mihalek
  • George L. Miles Jr.*
  • David J. Morehouse
  • Frank E. Mosier*
  • Alfred L. Moyé*
  • Khalid N. Mumin**
  • Martha Hartle Munsch*
  • Marlee S. Myers
  • Valerie Njie
  • Anthony J.F. O’Reilly*
  • Robert A. Paul*
  • John H. Pelusi Jr.
  • Robert P. Randall*
  • Robert Ritson Jr.
  • James C. Roddey*
  • Arthur J. Rooney II
  • Farrell Rubenstein*
  • Bryan S. Salesky
  • Josh D. Shapiro**
  • Richard P. Simmons*
  • Jack D. Smith*
  • Emil M. Spadafore Jr.
  • Charles M. Steiner*
  • William E. Strickland Jr.*
  • John P. Surma
  • John A. Swanson*
  • Burton M. Tansky*
  • John T. Tighe III
  • David Tilstone
  • Stephen R. Tritch*
  • Thomas J. Usher*
  • Peter C. Varischetti
  • John J. Verbanac
  • Adam C. Walker
  • William Ward Jr.
  • Michael G. Wells
  • Jake Wheatley Jr.
  • Sam S. Zacharias*

**Ex Officio
Source: Office of the Secretary, June 28, 2023

University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg Advisory Board

Hank Abate
Laura Wagner Aftosmis
Colonel Charles W. Anderson
Melissa Blystone
Barbara J. Christner
Dale J. Cordial, PT
John Richard Dickson IV
Henry Phipps Hoffstot, III
Sean Kertes
Michael T. Lordi
Joseph McCarthy
Bill McIntsoh
Paul G. Nickoloff
Terri Glenn Petrick
Steve M. Ryan, Jr.
Kathy Sankovich
Jack D. Smith
Michael J. Stewart
A. David Tilstone
Thomas M. Yarabinetz

Ex-Officio Advisory Board Members

Joseph P. Bleehash
Larry T. Brown
Breanna Tomsey
Angela Coldren
Ronna S. Colland
Scott L. Coulson
Robert G. Gregerson
Haley Hayden
Rebecca Leigh Hoffman
Jacqueline M. Horrall
Michael Husenits
Susan M. Isola
Jodi B. Kraisinger
Robert P. Najim
Elizabeth E. Tiedemann
Stacey E. Triplette
Jeromy Yetter
Frank Wilson

Emeritus Advisory Board Members

Gary A. Amelio
The Honorable John J. Driscoll
Jack H. Millstein, Jr.
Louis T. Steiner

Centers, Institutes, Laboratories, and Clinics

(As of Fall Term, 2011)

University Centers and Institutes 1

Learning Research and Development Center
University Center for Social and Urban Research
University Center for International Studies
University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute

Centers, Institutes, Laboratories, and Clinics by School

College of General Studies

Learning Solutions Technology Center
McCarl Center for Nontraditional Student Success
Osher Lifelong Learning Center

Graduate School of Public and International Affairs

Johnson Institute for Responsible Leadership
Non-Profit Clinic
Also see Jointly-Administered Centers.

Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business

Artificial Intelligence Management Laboratory
David Berg Center for Ethics and Leadership
Center for Conflict Resolution
Center for Economic Education
Center for Executive Education
Institution for Entrepreneurial Excellence, which includes:
Agricultural Entrepreneurial
Entrepreneurial Fellows Center
The Family Enterprise Center
Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence
Pantherlab Works
Small Business Development Center, which includes Washington County and Greene County Outreach Offices
Also see Jointly-Administered Centers.

School of Arts and Sciences

Academic Resource Center
Allegheny Observatory
Behavioral Physiology Laboratory
Center for American Politics and Society
Center for Combinatorial Chemistry
Center for Experimental Game Theory
Center for Industry Studies
Center for Parallel, Distributed, and Intelligent Systems
Clinical Psychology Center
Economic Policy Institute
Economics Computer Laboratory
English Language Institute
Robert Henderson Language Media Center
Institute for Statistics and Applications
Less Commonly Taught Languages Center
Math Assistance Center
Pittsburgh Bacteriophage Institute
Pymatuning Laboratory of Ecology
Surface Science Center
Western Pennsylvania Writing Project
The Writing Center
Also see Jointly-Administered Centers.

School of Education

Center for Epidemiologic Studies
Center for Urban Education
Computer and Curriculum Inquiry Center
Human Energy Resource Laboratory
Institute for Higher Education Management
Institute for International Studies in Education
Motor Behavior Laboratory
Office of Child Development
Physical Activity and Weight Management Research Center
Reading Center
School of Education Computer Laboratories, which include the Cooley Lab (Posvar Hall) and the Trees Hall Lab
Science Education Laboratory

Swanson School of Engineering

Basic Metals Processing Research Institute
Center for Bioengineering
Center for e-Design and Realization
Center for Metal Cutting Fluids
Dominion Center for Environment and Energy
Manufacturing Assistance Center
Mascaro Sustainability Intiative
Swanson Center for Micro and Nano Systems
Swanson Center for Product Innovation
Swanson Institute for Technical Excellence
Also see Jointly-Administered Centers.

School of Information Sciences

Sara Fine Institute for Interpersonal Behavior and Technology
NSA-Certified National Center for Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education
Visual Information Systems Center (VISC)
Decision Systems Laboratory
Geoinformatics Laboratory
Laboratory of Education and Research on Security Assured Information Systems (LERSAIS)
Teaching and Learning Research Lab

School of Law

Civil Practice Law Clinic
Community Economic Development Clinic
Environmental Law Clinic
Family Law Clinic
Low Income Taxpayer Clinic
Also see Jointly-Administered Centers.

Social Work

Center on Race and Social Problems

Centers, Institutes, Laboratories, and Clinics by School: Health Sciences

School of Public Health

Center for Aging and Population Health
Center for Free Radical and Antioxidant Biochemistry
Center for Healthy Aging
Center for Healthy Environments and Community
Center for Minority Health
Center for Public Health Practice
Center for Public Health Preparedness
Center for Research on Health and Sexual Orientation
Center for Rural Health Practice
Clinical Oncology Program Biostastistical Center
Epidemiology Data Center
Health Policy Institute
Laboratories of Tropical Diseases
Pennsylvania/Mid-Atlantic AIDS Education and Training Center
Pennsylvania and Ohio Public Health Training Center
Pennsylvania Prevention Project
UPACE Environmental Public Health Tracking
Also see Jointly-Administered Centers.

School of Dental Medicine

Center for Craniofacial and Dental Genetics
Center for Dental Informatics
Center for Oral Health Research in Appalachia
Multidisciplinary Implant Center
Also see Jointly-Administered Centers.

School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Adaptive Living Laboratory
Human Occupational Laboratories
Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center in Telerehabilitation
Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Transportation Safety
Also see Jointly-Administered Centers.

School of Pharmacy

Center for Education and Drug Abuse Research
Center for Pharmacogenetics
Center for Pharmacoinformatics and Outcomes Research
Pharmacodynamic Research Center
Also see Jointly-Administered Centers.

School of Medicine

Advanced Center for Interventions and Services Research for Late Life Mood Disorders
American Parkinson Disease Association Center for Advanced Research
Alzheimer Disease Research Center
Center of Excellence in Autism Research
Brain Trauma Research Center
Center for ALS Research
Center for Biologic Imaging
Center for Advanced Brain Magnetic Imaging
Center for Detection, Diagnosis, and Intervention in Dementia
Center for Endovascular and Exovascular Therapy
Center for Modeling Pulmonary Immunity
Center for Primary Care Community-Based Research
Center for Research in Reproductive Physiology
Center for Research on Emergency Medical Services
Center for Research on Health Care
Cystic Fibrosis Research Center
Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Research Center
Emergency Response Human Performance Laboratory
Lung Translational Genomics Center
General Clinical Research Center
Hartford Foundation Center for Excellence in Geriatric Medicine
Molecular Medicine Institute (Center for Biotechnology and Bioengineering)
Neurosurgical Oncology Center
Obesity/Nutrition Research Center
Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences Research Center
Otolaryngology Research Center
Pittsburgh Center for Pain Research
Theiss Child Development Center
Translational Neuroscience Program
Udall Center for Parkinson’s Research
University of Pittsburgh Center for HIV Protein Interactions
Also see Jointly-Administered Centers.

School of Nursing

Center for Nursing Research
Center for Research in Chronic Disorders
Also see Jointly-Administered Centers.

Centers, Institutes, Laboratories, and Clinics: Other Academic Units and the Regional Campuses

Office of the Provost

Center for Instructional Development and Distance Education
Center for Philosophy of Science

Student Affairs

Student Health Service
University Counseling Center

University Center for International Studies

African Studies Program
Asian Studies Center
Center for Latin American Studies
Center for Performing Arts of India
Center for Russian and East European Studies
Center for West European Studies
European Union Center of Excellence
Pennsylvania Ethnic Heritage Studies Center

University Library System

Center for American Music

Johnstown Campus

John P. and Joyce Murtha Center for Continuing Education and Professional Development

Greensburg Campus

Center for Applied Research (CFAR)

The Center for Applied Research provides curricular and co-curricular opportunities to develop knowledge and skills related to empirical research and expands professional development opportunities for faculty and staff while providing a community resource for research and data collection, analysis, and program evaluation.

Center for the Digital Text

The Center for the Digital Text represents a distinctive node of expertise and outreach in the Digital Humanities at the University of Pittsburgh. The Center dedicates itself to supporting the training of faculty in digital methods, serving the global community in outreach to launch and develop new projects, and giving students trained in Digital Studies experience in training, outreach, and consulting in the wider community of digital scholarship and digital media development.

The Conference Place at Pitt-Greensburg

The Conference Place coordinates the scheduling of campus facilities and services for use by businesses and community organizations who are planning strategic management seminars, professional development workshops, youth camps, athletic tournaments, recognition banquets, and weekend retreats. The Conference Place can schedule meetings and conferences in campus facilities, reserve guest rooms for overnight stays in our Residence Halls (May through August only), provide dining and catering options, and arrange for use of campus sports and recreation facilities.

Titusville Campus

George J. Barco Center for Continuing Education

Bradford Campus

Allegheny Institute of Natural History
Business Resource Center
Center for Rural Health Practice

Centers, Institutes, Laboratories, and Clinics: Jointly-Administered Centers

Graduate School of Public and International Affairs/Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business

Center for Conflict Resolution and Negotiation

Graduate School of Public and International Affairs/University Center for International Studies

Global Studies Program
Matthew B. Ridgway Center for International Security Studies, which includes the Ford Institute for Human Security

Health Sciences 2

Center for Clinical Pharmacology
Center for Continuing Education in the Health Sciences
Center for Environmental Oncology
Center for Injury Research and Control
Division of Laboratory Animal Resources
Facial Nerve Center
Genomics and Proteomics Core Laboratories
Head and Neck Cancer Specialized Program of Research Excellence
Institute for Clinical Research Education
Lung Cancer Specialized Program of Research Excellence
Musculoskeletal Institute
Oral Cancer Center
Pittsburgh AIDS Center for Treatment
Transgenic and Gene Targeting Facility

Health Sciences 2/Bioengineering

Human Movement and Balance Laboratories
Medical Virtual Reality Center
Musculoskeletal Research Center
Pittsburgh Claude D. Pepper Older Americans Independence Center
Health Science/Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh/Magee Womans Hospital and Research Institute
Pittsburgh Cytogenetics Laboratory
Disabilities Resource Center
Health Sciences/UPMC Health System
Center for Assistive Technology
Center for Biosecurity
Center for Environmental Oncology
Center for Sports Medicine
Center for Vaccine Research
Clinical and Translational Science Institute
Neuromuscular Research Laboratory
Peter M. Winter Institute of Simulation Education and Research (WISER)
Swallowing Disorders Center

Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business/University Center for International Studies

International Business Center

School of Arts and Sciences/Swanson School of Engineering

Center for Molecular and Materials Simulations
Institute of NanoScience and Engineering
School of Arts and Science/Health Sciences
Drug Discovery Institute

School of Arts and Sciences/Health Sciences 2/School of Law

Center for Bioethics and Health Law
Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences/ School of Medicine
Center for Neuroanatomy with Neurotropic Viruses
Center for Neuroscience
Conte Center for the Neuroscience of Mental Disorders
Pittsburgh Institute for Neurodegenerative Diseases
University Community Leaders and Individuals with Disabilities Center

School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences/Swanson School of Engineering/VA Pittsburgh Health Care System/UPMC Health System

Human Engineering Research Laboratories
University of Pittsburgh Model Center on Spinal Card Injury
School of Information Sciences/Graduate School of Public Health/School of Medicine
Center for National Preparedness

School of Law/University Center for International Studies

Center for International Legal Education

School of Medicine/Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh

Benedum Pediatric Trauma Program
Pediatric Center for Neuroscience
Pediatric Neurotrama Center

School of Medicine/Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh/Magee-Womens Hospital and Research Institute

Fetal Diagnosis and Treatment Center
Pittsburgh Diabetes Institute

School of Medicine/Magee-Womens Hospital and Research Institute

Pregnancy and Diabetes Center
Center for Family Planning Research
Center for Fertility and Reproductive Endocrinology
Center for Research in Continence and Pelvic Floor Disorders
Ovarian Cancer Center of Excellence
Pittsburgh Development Center

School of Medicine/UPMC Health System

Affect Regulation and Adolescent Brain Center
Audiology Center
Benedum Geriatric Center
Brachial Plexus and Peripheral Nerve Injury Center and Clinic
Brain and Spine Injury Center
Charles T. Campbell Ophthalmic Microbiology Laboratory
Cardiovascular Institute
Center for Clinical Neurophysiology
Center for Diabetes and Endocrinology
Center for Emergency Medicine of Western Pennsylvania
Center for Balance Disorder
Center for Hemochromatosis and Iron Overload Disorders
Center for Image-Guided Neurosurgery
Center for Integrative Medicine
Center for Intestinal Health And Nutrition Support
Center for Liver Diseases
Center for Overcoming Problem Eating
Center for Pathology Informatics
Center for Women’s Digestive Health
Comprehensive Epilepsy Center
Comprehensive Lung Center
Comprehensive Pain Center
Cosmetic Surgery and Skin Health Center
Cutaneous Oncology Center
Digestive Disorders Clinic
Emphysema Resource Center
Eye Center
Gastrointestinal Cancer Prevention and Treatment Center
Hillman Cancer Center
Inflammatory Bowel Disease Center
Institute of Aging
Institute for Doctor-Patient Communication
Institute to Enhance Palliative Care
Institute for Rehabilitation and Research
Raymond E. Jordan Center for Balance Disorders
LHAS Women’s Heart Center
Late-Life Depression Evaluation and Treatment Center
Magnetic Resonance Research Center
McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine
Mental Health Intervention Research Center for Mood and Anxiety Disorders
Neurogastroenterology and Motility Center
Osteoporosis Prevention and Treatment Center
Spasticity Evaluation and Treatment Center
Pancreas and Biliary Center
Minimally Invasive Endoneurosurgery Center
Position Emissions Tomography Center
Safar Center for Resuscitation Research
Simmons Center for Interstitial Lung Diseases
Center for Sleep Medicine
Sinus and Allergy Center
STAR Center (Services for Teens at Risk)
Stroke Institute
Thomas E. Starzl Transplantation Institute
University of Pittsburgh Headache Center
Voice Center
Weight Management Center
Paul Wellstone Muscular Dystophy Cooperative Research Center
Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic
Late-Life Mood Disorder Evaluation and Treatment Center

School of Medicine/VA Pittsburgh Health Care System

Geriatric Research Education and Clinical Center
Center for Health Equity and Research Promotion

University of Pittsburgh/Carnegie Mellon University

Brain Imaging Research Center
Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition
Real-time Outbreak and Disease Surveillance Laboratory
Pittsburgh Center for Social History
Pittsburgh Mind/Body Center
Pittsburgh NMR Center for Biomedical Research

University of Pittsburgh/Carnegie Mellon University/Duquesne University/UPMC Health System/Windber Research Institute

Pittsburgh Tissue Engineering Initiative
University of Pittsburgh/Carnegie Mellon University /Sandia National Laboratories
Pittsburgh Molecular Libraries Screening Center

University of Pittsburgh/Carnegie Mellon University/Westinghouse Electric Corporation

Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center


Institute of Politics

1 Centers and institutes in the category “University Centers and Institutes” are distinguished by organizational permanence, programmatic autonomy, and an annual operating budget fiscally independent of any other academic, research, and/or service unit.

2 Centers and institutes listed are jointly-administered by two or more schools of the Health Sciences, which includes: Graduate School of Public Health, School of Dental Medicine, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, School of Nursing, School of Pharmacy, and School of Medicine.

Note: The centers, institutes, laboratories, and clinics listed are University of Pittsburgh or University affiliated organizations. They are either single or multidisciplinary in scope, and are generally involved in some combination of education, research or service activities. Each center, institute, laboratory, and clinic is listed under the name of the unit with which it is associated.


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