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University of Pittsburgh Greensburg    
2021-2022 Greensburg Campus Catalog 
  Apr 25, 2024
2021-2022 Greensburg Campus Catalog [Archived Catalog]


Requirements for Full-Time Admission

The Office of Admissions strongly recommends that applicants for full-time admission successfully complete three or four units of mathematics in high school (including two units of algebra), two or three units of science, two or three units of history or other social studies, and four units of a single second language*. A unit refers to one year of study in high school.

*Note: Students completing less than Level 4 of a second language will be required to complete coursework to achieve an equivalent proficiency in a second language at Pitt-Greensburg.

Students interested in Engineering should have taken two years of algebra, one-half year of trigonometry, and one year each of plane geometry, chemistry, and physics. In addition, calculus and computer science are recommended.

Students interested in Nursing should meet the following academic criteria and must have the required high school courses: 3.2 Minimum High School GPA, 1170 Minimum SAT score (if provided), four units of English, four units of Math, three units of lab science (one must be chemistry), and five units of other academic electives (statistics or computer science strongly recommended)

Students who hold a GED and wish to be considered for full-time admission should have completed the minimum of 15 academic units before exiting high school. Official high school transcripts and a copy of the General Equivalency Diploma are required.

Students who have completed courses through a college-in-high school, dual enrollment, or similar program must submit an official transcript from the college or university from which credits were awarded, whether or not it is intended that such courses be counted toward a degree at the University of Pittsburgh. (Please refer to the Transfer Student section below for information about transfer credits.)

Factors considered when making an admission decision include: high school curriculum, cumulative grade point average (weighted), class rank, and SAT and/or ACT scores. Though optional, applicants are encouraged to submit an admission essay and/or letters of recommendation as these often provide a more complete picture of the applicant.

Application Procedure

  1. Complete the Application for Undergraduate Admission.
  2. Complete the Self-Reported Academic Record portion of the online application, or forward your most recent high school transcript or GED to the Office of Admissions.
  3. If applicable, submit transcripts for every post-secondary institution, college or university you have attended.
  4. Optionally, provide essay and/or letters of recommendation.
  5. SAT and ACT scores are optional. 
    Pitt-Greensburg school codes:    SAT: 2936           ACT: 3733

Submit documentation via Naviance, email, fax to 724-836-7471 or mail to
     University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg

     150 Finoli Drive

     Greensburg PA  15601
     Attn: Admissions Office

International Students

Students who wish to apply must provide their transcripts (high school and/or college) in English.

Students who are citizens of a country whose official language is not English must demonstrate a proficiency in the English language.  Proficiency may be demonstrated by a minimum score of 550 on the paper version of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or a minimum score of 213 on the computer-based version, or a minimum score of 80 on the Internet-based version of TOEFL. The university will also accept IELTS and DuoLingo test scores for English proficiency.  International students seeking further training in English should consult the English Language Institute located on the Pittsburgh campus.

Requirements for Part-Time Admission

Courses may be taken on a part-time basis for credit toward a degree or on a non-degree basis. Part time admission to degree programs is open to high school graduates or those who hold recognized equivalency certificates (GED). While no specific high school preparation is required, the following secondary school subjects are recommended: four years of English, four years of a second language, three years of history and social studies, one year of algebra, one year of plane geometry, and one year of physics, chemistry, or biology.

Note: Applicants with incomplete high school preparation may qualify for admission by taking the examinations given by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and earning a high school equivalency certificate (GED). Information about these examinations may be obtained by writing to: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Education, Bureau of Special Services for Pupils, Division of Guidance and Testing, Harrisburg, PA 17102.

Changing Part-Time Status to Full-Time Status

Students admitted to part-time study may become candidates for full-time study upon approval from the Director of Academic Advising. Students must complete a change-of-status request and submit it to the Director of Academic Advising at least one month before the beginning of the term in which they wish to begin full-time studies.

Transfer Students

Students who have earned credit at another institution before entering or since last registered at Pitt-Greensburg must apply to the Office of Admissions for admission or readmission with advanced standing. An applicant who has earned fewer than 12 college credits is considered a freshman with advanced standing. Students who have earned 12 or more college credits are typically considered transfer students. An official transcript of all courses taken at other schools must be submitted at the time of application, whether or not it is intended that such courses be counted toward a degree at the University of Pittsburgh. These credits are not merely units to be added to those earned here. To be accepted, credits must be the basis for, or an integral part of, the program the student expects to pursue for a degree from the college. Courses must be passed with a satisfactory grade (at least a C or the equivalent) and must be earned at an institution accredited by the appropriate regional accrediting association. Grades for such courses are not used in computing a student’s GPA or in determining probationary status or eligibility for graduation honors. An official evaluation of previous credits is performed by a professional in our Academic Advising Center. An unofficial review of credits may be performed by an admissions counselor.  

Special Programs

University Preview

Academically prepared high school juniors and seniors aged 16 or order may apply to enroll in one or two courses per academic term. To apply, in addition to following the Application Instructions above, a student must submit a current class schedule and permission letters from a parent/guardian and high school principal or counselor.  Forms and a link to the list of courses available for University Preview may be found at

Deferred Admission

Admitted students who plan to attend Pitt-Greensburg but wish to postpone their initial registration for up to one year may request deferred admission. Requests for deferred admission should be in writing and directed to the Office of Admissions at Students who receive deferred admission but who do not register within a year of their initial acceptance at Pitt-Greensburg must reapply for admission. Students attending another educational institution during the deferral period must re-apply to the University.

Early Admission

High school students who have completed most of the requirements for graduation by the end of their junior year may apply for early admission. A decision on early admission requires: (1) the approval of the Director of Admissions, (2) the consent of the student’s parents/guardians, and (3) the approval of the school district superintendent that the student may forgo the senior year in high school and complete high school graduation requirements with college courses.

Visiting Students

Visiting students are those who are working toward an undergraduate degree at another institution and wish to take undergraduate courses at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg. It is expected that the credits earned at Pitt-Greensburg will be transferred back to the home school to be used in satisfying the student’s degree requirements. Visiting student applicants must submit a transcript or schedule to show that they currently attend another school, full-time. Visiting students may register for any University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg course for which they have satisfied the prerequisites. Applicants must complete an Application for Admission and select Student Type as Visitor. Admission is valid for one term. Students seeking enrollment for subsequent terms must reapply.

Second Undergraduate Degree

Those who have completed a bachelor’s degree at an accredited institution can earn a second degree at Pitt-Greensburg. A maximum of 90 of the 120 credits required for the second degree may be granted as advanced standing from the credits earned for the first degree. A minimum of 30 credits and half of the credits in the new major must be completed at Pitt-Greensburg. The second degree must be in a field different from the first degree.

All second-degree students must fulfill all of Pitt-Greensburg’s curricular requirements as well as prerequisites for a degree in the new major either by transfer of credits or by taking Pitt-Greensburg courses.

Students with less than an overall B average for the first degree who cannot fulfill the nine-credit communication skills requirement with transfer courses must fulfill it at Pitt-Greensburg either by challenge examinations or by taking the appropriate composition and public speaking courses.

College Over 55

Adults at least 55 years of age who love to learn are invited to take part in the “College Over 55” program through which adults can audit regular undergraduate courses. “Audit” means the adult learner earns no credit and generally does not participate in homework and exams. Adult learners can take advantage of interesting lectures, meaningful discussions, readings on fascinating topics and continued intellectual growth.  Participants may select available classes from the Pitt-Greensburg schedule and pay only $25 for each course.  For additional information and to register, contact the Office of the Registrar, 724-836-9899.

 Military and Veterans

Military and Veteran Services facilitates the transition of veterans from military to University life, supports their ongoing academic success, and assists veterans, guardsmen, reservists, spouses, and dependents in receiving their military education benefits. Pitt-Greensburg services include:

  • GI Bill® - 1-888-Gi-BILL1, or
  • Priority Enrollment (known as “Act 46”) Veteran students receive course-scheduling preference. This applies to all military and veteran students admitted to for-credit courses and programs offered at the institution. The use of veteran educational benefits while attending is not a requirement for priority enrollment eligibility. Priority enrollment appointments for veterans start at 8:30 a.m., the Friday before the published Monday enrollment period and are assigned in order, according to credits completed. Military and Veteran students who have completed the highest number of credits are given the earliest enrollment appointments, while those who have completed the lowest number of credits are given the latest enrollment appointments. Enrollment appointment dates and times are assigned at the start of the semester, and can be found in each student’s PeopleSoft Student Center.
  • In-State Tuition - In accordance with Section 702 of the Choice Act and PA State Act 11, the University of Pittsburgh offers in-state residency for the purposes of tuition to eligible students. Visit for eligibility guidelines.
  • S.I.T.R.E.P - Pitt-Greensburg’s Military & Veterans program. Recognizing the service performed by United States military veterans, active-duty members, and their families. The program goal is assisting them in making a successful transition into academic life and culminating in a successful entry into the civilian workforce.

Please call 724-836-7188 | 9899 or email for more information. Military and Veterans Services is housed within the Office of the Registrar located in Millstein Library, room 120.

GI Bill®” is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government website at 

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